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Are you challenged to find a reliable and safe way to get your kids to school?

Traffic congestion

Diminishing yellow buses

Limited parking spots near school

Unsafe roads

Conflicting schedules

Multiple children activities


"With Chaperone, my child will never have to wait to be picked up from school"
- A busy parent somewhere


Meet the Community of Chaperones

Chaperone is a service offered by parents to help fellow parents.
Schedule your rides daily, weekly or monthly.
A safe neighborhood is a happy community.

why us

..you help me help you help me help..


why us
why us

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Schedule a Ride

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Enjoy the Ride

enjoy the ride

Arrive Safely

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Do you know how much your commute costs the community?
enjoy the ride
enjoy the ride
enjoy the ride
enjoy the ride

Rideshare impact!
Chaperone is creating a kids transportation system that is safe, convenient and fun for all stakeholders.

  • No stranger danger. Safety of kids is our top priority.
  • You meet the parents and get to know them before you start the carpooling.
  • Each ride is monitored through the app, providing instant feedback on safety issues.
  • Safer than walking or biking to school.
  • Convenient for busy parents who need help with pick-up and drop-off.
  • Sharing the driving saves time that parents can use more productively.
  • Better for environment and reduces traffic congestion.
  • Kids enjoy their ride with friends, helps develop social skills.

What will you do with all that free time?

Pricing Package

Quality service at an affordable price.

App is Free to Download

  • Unlimited Chaperones
  • Both iOS & Android
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Can't drive your turn?

  • Pay fellow parent that drives your turn.
  • Fair carpool driving will be FREE!
Download the app

Note. Download the Chaperone app and create your profile. Connect with other parents from your community and schedule carpool ride for your child. The app will keep track of rides through exchange of 'tokens'.

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You can send us an email at support@gochaperone.com

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